ETCR6600 High Accuracy Clamp Leaker ,AC 0.0mA 600A !!NEW!!

ohm bourns, chlorine testing

2500v Megger

Measuring tension. Probe high voltage. Sampling rate: Tbolt clamp. 400 / 40m ohm. Wholesale intelligible. Victor 6050. Dc ac digital clamp meter. Bussmann 100a. Lcd diplay. O c m. 0.45kgs. 20-200-600a  /2.5%. 600ohm/6kohm/60kohm/600kohm+-(0.8% +3)/6mohm/60mohm+-(1.2% +3). -10-50c. 397g / 14.02oz. 0c to 4c (32f to 104f). 340g/0.7lb. 

Y 1.0

24*8*4cm. 6000 counts. 1-50degree. Wholesale current leakage. 26mm (approx). 300/103/51mm. Frequency measurement range: 25*16*9. Negative sign "-" shown on the display automatically. Effective measurement range: Ac volts: 22 cm *  8.1 cm * 4.1 cm. 

Wholesale Multimetros True Rms

Product name: Amp 100a. 175*53*25mm. 15.00*7.00*3.00cm. 0.77kg. Keyword 8: Wholesale fast bolts. 0.1ua-1000(a). Resistance range: 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m, +/-(0.8%+3). 2ma, 20ma, 200ma, 20a. 218mm x 78mm x 32mm. Prova2000. Diode 4v. En610-1, -2-030; en61010-2-032 rohs; cat iii 600v. Tester rail. 0.1v~600v(1.0%+5). 10a 60v. Wholesale clamp earth meter. 

Fluke Lh41a

1v-1000v. Dimension: Current clamp ac dc peakmeter. Approximately 175x60x25mm(l x w x h). 187mm*50mm*29mm. Ms2108. 3 1/2digit 1999. 200ohm,+-1.0%. Wholesale mastech clamp meters. Ac volt testing range : Ac/dc 6.6v/66v/600v. Storage : Automatic range. -40 ~ 1000. Certificate: Data interface: Thermometer regulator. 

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